About Us

Valeritex - an excellent place to buy any clothes for children from 0-10 years.
The shop Valeritex it is an area up to 100 square meters, almost everything for children.
In a relatively short time, the successful style trade managed to gain popularity among  parents and enabled the company to create a name in the market for children's products.
Valeritex rightly occupies a place of honor among the leaders in the market. And because we want to choose high quality and popular products, thus significantly facilitating the selection of our clients.
We care about clientsfor. Layout trade considerably simplifies finding the necessary goods and reduces the time required for purchase.

Our Mission

Everything for children under 10 years.
Valerimex shop is a treasure for the young and caring moms who have the most value their time, quality production and modern convenience serving.
Welcome to Valeritex!